Greater Cincinnati Rose Association



Mon. 9/25 6:30 PM GCRA Meeting -Arrangement Demo and Coaching Speaker GCRA member John Nowlin will demonstrate various styles of flower arranging, let you know some basic supplies needed, and answer questions. John has shown arrangements and won prizes in many local, district, and national shows. He has also show... more
Sun. 10/1 1:00 PM 2017 Ault in Bloom "Ault in Bloom" A Celebration of Roses, Flowers and Gardens The Ault Park Advisory Council and the Greater Cincinnati Rose Association host the fifth annual grand floral event "Ault in Bloom" at the historic Ault Park Pavilion on Sunday, Octob... more
Mon. 10/23 6:30 PM Meeting of the GCRA
Mon. 11/20 6:30 PM Meeting of the GCRA
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