Rosa Palooza, A Celebration of Roses in Ault Park Rosa Palooza, A Celebration of Roses in Ault Park Welcome to Roses in Ault, September 14, 2014 195628113 195628935 Rosa Palooza: A Celebration of Roses 195614716 The Great Lawn Garden, Ault Park 195614837 Arrangement by John Nowlin 195614862 Roses in Ault is ready 195614863 Rita at the Registration Table 195615086 Betty from Ault Park Advisory Council serves Exhibitors Luncheon 195614920 Arrangement Entries Entrance 195615085 Division 1: Class 3 "Betty Boop" "Sense and Sensibility" Pink to deep rose color or blended 195614955 Division 1: Class 5 "Intrigue" & "Lavender Simplicity" "Tender is the Night" All blooms lavender, purple, mauve or blended 195614956 Division 1: Class 2 "The Sun Also Rises" Orange, salmon, apricot and russet or blended colors 195615084 Division 2: Class 6 "Madame Butterfly" by Kate wins blue ribbon 195615262 Division 2: Class 8 "Treasure Island" by Alex win 1st place and "Most Creative Arrangement" ribbon 195615264 Most Creative Arrangement 195626632 John Nowlin, Arrangement Judge 195626181 "Victorian Spice" wins "Best of Show Bloom" 195615320 Class 2: "Terms of Endearment" 195627823 Perfect day at the Ault Park Pavilion 195615328 Celebrating Roses with children 195615436 East Side Jazz music filled the air 195615437 Landscaping displays by Wimberg Landscaping 195615438 Tribute to great rosarian, Dr. James Englert, MD 195626352 Looking toward the Great Lawn Garden & Tribute Bench 195626350 Dr. James Englert and a few family members 195626351 Roses and Ault Park, A perfect pair 195626549 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Opening of the Great Lawn Garden 195626550 Choosing roses to take home 195626631 Roses for a Annabelle Rose 195615330 Dr. Pottschmidt's roses delight visitors 195627822 Roses and smiles 195626630 Beautiful Centerpieces 195627115 Children's Craft Table 195627031 Fascinated Children at Cascade Waterfall 195627824 Workers rest and enjoy the results 195627843 Chris and Sue setting up exhibit 195628633 Bob prepares Dr. Pottschmidt's blooms for sale 195628675 Rebecca wins a centerpiece to take home 195628433